August Caught Not Bought Challenge


We are excited to announce that we will be running our second month long Caught Not Bought challenge in August. Unlike the June Challenge, the August Challenge comes with time to prepare. We are inviting anyone who wants to join us in this challenge. We already have folks from Naples, Sarasota, Leesburg, Tampa, Clearwater, and Tarpon Springs joining us, as well as people from South and North Carolina, California, and Kenya. If you are interested in joining this challenge shoot me an email at We will be organizing regular meet ups/forage trips/barter opportunities throughout the month. We are also encouraging those taking on the challenge to do some fishing/hunting together. If you are in or can get to the Tampa area we will be organizing a couple fishing/spearfishing trips.

Rules for the August Challenge are basically the same as they were for June:

  • You are allowed to cook with basic ingredients but can use nothing that adds substance to a meal. For example, salt, pepper, butter, sriracha are all acceptable. Unfortunately bacon and storebought onions are not. Fortunately bacon is running around outside and onions are growing in the woods.
  • Only drinks allowed are water, black coffee, and unsweet tea.
  • Post a daily picture of your meals(collage is fine) on Instagram and tag @caughtnotbought. We will feature photos and descriptions on our Instagram account, the Caught Not Bought facebook page, @caughtnotbought on Twitter, and the blog.
  • Trading/Bartering is strongly encouraged. The only rule is that items traded for must be caught not bought. Anything direct from farm or boat is acceptable so long as you’ve traded something for it.

This month we are strongly encouraging those who want to do the Challenge to find a buddy or group locally who you can do the Challenge with. It’s totally possible to do alone but way easier with some local accountability and encouragement. Keep an eye on the blog and social media to see featured food sources that will be available during the month of August.

Lastly, for now, we will be teaming up with our buddies over at Skinny Water Culture for some exciting stuff including an exclusive CNB/SWC t-shirt limited to those who take on the Challenge. The details and pre-order for those shirts will be available in the next week or so.

The Challenge seems daunting, and it is definitely a Challenge. But we’ve already shown that it can be done. Come do it with us. If you are on the fence, whatever makes the best story.






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