Day 25

Day 25 done. Almost forgot to post. It’s been a long day but we are back home in Tampa. No breakfast. Lunch was a coconut. And if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. Dinner was a repeat of last night with fried mahi roe, which is killer, by the way, and pan seared mahi with everglades seasoning. I got an iguana today before we left the keys. I’m excited to get working on that guy tomorrow.


Day 24

Day 24 done. Breakfast was yellowtail fried in leftover bacon grease from everyone else’s breakfast and some mango. Lunch was leftover fried yellowtail from last night. Dinner was mahi three ways: fried mahi roe, mahi pan fried in butter with everglades seasoning, and mahi sashimi along with a mango. Great meal to finish out a great trip. Looking forward to getting back home and back with my dog.

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Day 23

Day 23 done. So I planned poorly and only brought soy sauce on the boat and when it came lunch time I didn’t want to get out of the water to make sushi. No breakfast and no lunch. Dinner was fried yellowtail and yellowjack sashimi on top of super ripe mango slices. This was one of the best meals I’ve had this month. It would have been over the top with sriracha.


Day 22

Day 22 done! The wind finally laid down for us today. This morning we took the kids snorkeling and then we took them home and headed out. The offshore bite was really hard to come by but we came in and got a three man limit of yellowtails. Lunch was yellowtail sashimi and dinner is fried yellowtail but instead of panko I used crushed goldfish. C’mon! Also had an unripe mango with dinner. Hopefully we find the fish offshore tomorrow.


Day 21

Day 21 done. Day 2 in the keys was blown out again. I had some mangrove snapper fillets for breakfast, the rest of my chicken for lunch, and I was able to shoot a 10″ mango with a 9′ polespear in 8′ water with 4′ viz so I had a fried mangrove snapper and a schoolmaster that we caught off the dock. I also made another mango coconut smoothie for dinner. I could live off of those for the rest of my life. Tomorrow should be a better day.


Day 20

Day 20, done. We got blown out our first day down here. We made an effort but couldn’t find water clean enough to shoot fish. Oh well, there’s tomorrow. Breakfast was mango sautéed in butter, lunch was a mango on the boat, and dinner was a quarter of one of my chickens and a mango coconut smoothie made with coconut water and chunk of mango and coconut. Hopefully tomorrow will be sashimi.


Day 19

Day 19. It was a rough day. I had nothing to eat this morning and planned poorly for the 8 hour drive to the keys. I didn’t have a single thing to eat until about 8:30 but for dinner I had a mango and two hefty pan seared mangrove snapper fillets. I just ate another mango too that not pictured because they’re really good down here. I’ll be eating a lot of mangos this week. Ready to go get some fish!


Day 18

Day 18 done. I was sitting around today thinking about fried chicken so I called Stephen and asked him if he wanted to come over and we can kill my chickens and eat them. So we did. Breakfast was the last of my eggs(doh!) and banana hash-browns. No lunch. Dinner was a country fried chicken breast fried in its own rendered fat, fried chicken gizzard, and some very indulgent crispy fried chicken skins with honey and Sriracha based loosely off of @hseanbrock recipe. Headed down to the Keys tomorrow after church. I can’t wait to see how many ways I can eat coconuts and raw fish!

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