Year Long Caught Not Bought Challenge

In just a couple days I am going to be embarking on a year long Caught Not Bought challenge. I will be joined by a few brave dudes who are going to attempt the challenge with me. There are also folks who are planning to jump in for a week or month at a time. We’ve done a couple month long challenges and some shorter ones but this will be the longest by far. Living in Florida comes with some major benefits and along with challenges. There is really an overabundance of stuff to eat here and we know from experience that this challenge is not only possible but will be a blast. The difficulty of trading our Publix subs and pizza for muscovy ducks and smilax will be a task to push through but it’s one I’m excited about. Be sure to follow along this year as we hike, hunt, spearfish, forage, and who knows what else. Watch the videos, follow @caughtnotbought on Instagram, get engaged, and join us if you’re so inclined. We will be foraging every day for a year. You’re more than welcome to walk around the park or woods with us.

The Rules Are Simple:

  • Only foods that are caught, hunted, foraged or homegrown are allowed
  • Basic seasonings (salt, pepper, etc) are allowed, along with oil for cooking
  • Black coffee and unsweet tea are allowed but not recommended
  • Bartering is allowed but only for other items that fall within the parameters of the challenge; no trading Spanish needle for meatball hoagies.

Days 2-5

I’ve been slacking on keeping the blog up to date so here’s a quick run down of the past week. This August Challenge has been off to a rather easy start. Unlike June, this time, we have been able to stock up ahead of time and barter as well. This has left me with beef, milk, eggs, venison, a surplus of bananas, and some other veggies. I haven’t even had to think about dipping into fish yet and really haven’t been forced to do much foraging. I believe my rabbits may be safe for the month, too. It’s definitely been a different feel so far. I am impressed, though, I’ve seen some awesome creativity early on from some of the folks doing the challenge. I’ve seen people take initiative on foraging as well as hunting and there have been some cool dishes put together. A handful of folks have made homemade flour out of bananas and coconuts. I’m sure we’ll see more ingenuity as the month goes on and initial stocks are depleted. My favorite thing that I’ve made so far has been banana flour flatbreads with scrambled eggs. Easy to make and awesome to eat.13680288_10154298060153257_3444465561839324714_o

August Challenge Kick-Off



Yeah buddy! This is the last weekend of ice cream, soda, and breakfast burritos before kicking off the August Challenge. We have a killer crew already committed and I’m sure there will be some more that join before we start. You can check out the previous blog post for details and rules on the challenge. I’m so pumped to see the creativity and variety that comes out of this month’s challenge.

On Saturday we are going to have an August Challenge kick off at John Chesnut Park in Palm Harbor. We are planning a foraging walk where Stephen and I will show a dozen or so edible plants to help equip everyone for the month. We will also have an opportunity there to do some trading. We are encouraging everyone to bring some stuff that they can contribute, ensuring everyone can start out with a little bit of variety. This will also be a good chance to meet others doing the challenge. We will be meeting at the boat ramp at 3pm. You can find directions to the park here and the boat ramp is to the left as you enter the park.

If you have any questions about the meet up feel free to email me at