Days 2-5

I’ve been slacking on keeping the blog up to date so here’s a quick run down of the past week. This August Challenge has been off to a rather easy start. Unlike June, this time, we have been able to stock up ahead of time and barter as well. This has left me with beef, milk, eggs, venison, a surplus of bananas, and some other veggies. I haven’t even had to think about dipping into fish yet and really haven’t been forced to do much foraging. I believe my rabbits may be safe for the month, too. It’s definitely been a different feel so far. I am impressed, though, I’ve seen some awesome creativity early on from some of the folks doing the challenge. I’ve seen people take initiative on foraging as well as hunting and there have been some cool dishes put together. A handful of folks have made homemade flour out of bananas and coconuts. I’m sure we’ll see more ingenuity as the month goes on and initial stocks are depleted. My favorite thing that I’ve made so far has been banana flour flatbreads with scrambled eggs. Easy to make and awesome to eat.13680288_10154298060153257_3444465561839324714_o

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