Day 14

caught not bought day 14 cnb14duck


Day 14, done. I can’t believe we’re already two weeks into this. Today @gameknives and I scored some grapefruit and another duck. Breakfast was a hard boiled egg and lunch was a grapefruit. Dinner was country fried duck breast and banana “potato” cakes. The country fried duck breast is by far the best thing I’ve eaten this month and I’ll definitely be doing that again. Loving this challenge and the stuff we’re learning

Day 13

caught not bought day 13

Today was super busy. I worked through breakfast and lunch but had a few minutes this morning to gather some Spanish needle. I found some nettles too but didn’t feel like messing with them today. Dinner was a couple backyard eggs and some banana fries. I’ll be looking for some more variety tomorrow.

Day 12

caught not bought day 12

Day 12. Breakfast was a handful of blackberries. Lunch was some scrambled eggs. And I was at my inlaws in Lakeland for dinner. My amazing wife @rachelsaul and I went out in the woods out back to do some foraging. In just a few minutes I was able to put together a salad of Spanish needle, smilax, blackberries, and sword fern tubers. I ate that with some grouper that I brought with me while everyone else had some amazing looking beef brisket.

Day 11

We got a bunch of green bananas yesterday. I made banana fries today. I’m pretty excited about this. It reminds me of when Jeff Goldblum said that “life will find a way” in Jurassic Park. Well, in less than two weeks french fries have found a way. I need discipline now to not eat them all in the next couple days. For dinner I made some backyard eggs and some banana hashbrowns.13422292_10154150563673257_6197606018395420988_o

Day 9

Yeah man! Today has been a good food day. It started off by taking my buddy, Brandon, to do some quick foraging in a new area for me. We scored a ton of spanish needle, smylax, and blueberries. I took enough to get me through today. This afternoon Stephen and I hit another new spot and Stephen was able to get a bunch more spanish needle. We are still learning and are by no means experts but, man, it feels awesome to be able to walk into the woods and know that there is food in there and to know where to find it and how to identify it.

Since our spearfishing trip last weekend I have enough fish in the freezer to easily coast through the month. I feel like that’s cheap though. For the sake of the challenge I feel like we need variety.

Last night I was fortunate enough to kill a muscovy duck. It wasn’t a very big one considering how big they can really get but it was a start. We had Bible study at our house last night so I had to hustle to get it clean and in a brine. I decided to pluck it instead of skin it because I really love duck and chicken skin. Tonight I roasted it. I stuffed it with an orange and rubbed it down with salt, everglades seasoning, and coconut oil. It was delicious. Not in a “I’m starving and will eat anything” delicious but in a “I need to get another one of those asap” delicious. I’m pumped to be learning so much every day. Can’t wait to see what is to eat tomorrow.

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Day 8

We’re one week in and this challenge has been awesome. I wasn’t worried at all about finding protein but what I was unsure of starting out was going to be fruits and veggies. Stephen and I blindly chose this month with no idea about what was in season and what would be accessible. A lot has already been learned in this first week. I’m really amazed at the abundance of what is available within a few feet from your front door. It’s required Stephen and I to do some serious studying and some time on the ground looking around but we’ve already found a ton of edibles. Just in this week we’ve learned how to identify and where to find smylax, bamboo, swamp cabbage, saw palmetto hearts, sea purslane, hibiscus, spanish needle, juniper, blue berries(high bush and low bush), blackberries, pepper grass, and more. All of these have been found in abundance, by the way. We’ve been able to get the kids involved too, which has been awesome. I’m pumped to continue on in this challenge and learn more. We have fish for the month from our spearfishing trip last month but for the sake of the challenge we will be starting to look for variety in the meat department. Some of which I’ll be eating tomorrow after it sits in a brine tonight. Thanks for following along! Hopefully we can all learn from this and pass the challenge along and keep it going.13340206_10154142061068257_5874902243942318209_o