The Caught Not Bought Challenge

We live in a world that has groomed us to become dependent. Dependent on government, grocery stores, and google. I remember a friend telling me years ago how sad of a society it is that a majority of Americans wouldn’t know how to take a live chicken and turn it into a meal, let alone detach themselves from grocery stores all together and live off of what God provided for us.

Well, we’ve decided to do just that. Currently we have set aside the next year and we will only be eating food that we hunt, catch, or forage. The rules are simple:

  1. You are allowed to cook with basic ingredients but can use nothing that adds substance to a meal. For example, salt, pepper, butter, sriracha are all acceptable. Unfortunately, bacon and store-bought onions are not. Fortunately, bacon is running around outside and onions are growing in the woods.
  2. Only drinks allowed are water, black coffee, and unsweet tea.